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Do you want to keep abreast of what’s going on in Rotterdam? Are you looking for leads for a good story or gripping report about Rotterdam? Or do you want tips about forthcoming events? Rotterdam Partners can help in a number of ways.

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Subscribe to the digital press newsletter to keep up to date on the most recent developments in Rotterdam. The newsletter also looks a couple of months ahead, enabling you to get inspiration even at an early stage for a possible article or report.
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Rotterdam Partners organises and coordinates all sorts of press receptions throughout the year. Take a look at the press receptions in the programme.

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Facebook and Twitter keep visitors from both the Netherlands and abroad up to date with what is going on in Rotterdam, from activities and tips on going out to new attractions, restaurants and shops. Twitter and the Rotterdam Partners LinkedIn group allow you to keep up to date with our corporate and business-to-business operations as well as with the latest news about Rotterdam.

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