Rotterdam, leading IT & Tech hub in Europe

Rotterdam offers a superb IT & Tech ecosystem thanks to our multilingual workforce, digital infrastructure, R&D incentives and the government’s focus on IT innovations and HTSM. Rotterdam has created an ideal environment for any IT & tech and HTMS business to thrive.

Why choose Rotterdam to setup your IT & Tech business?

Rotterdam invests heavily in HTMS and digital information technology, crucial elements in accelerating our city’s digital and sustainable transitions. Rotterdam’s High-Tech and IT industries have become the leading area for foreign investment, with the municipality strongly supporting start-ups and scale-ups operating in MaaS (Mobility as a Service), Health Tech, predictive maintenance, robotisation, 3D printing, (Big) Data, AI, sensors, LaaS (Logistics as Service) and more.

One of our ambitions is to create a (cyber) resilient city and smartport through digitalisation. Rotterdam’s digital twin communication and information platform will be launched soon. The city’s complete infrastructure is to be digitalised.

The flourishing IT & High-Tech and HTMS industries, combined with knowledge and research institutes like the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Europe’s largest university hospital Erasmus MC, Technical University of Delft and Leiden University, make the Rotterdam region a unique location to nourish and advance IT innovation and change, as well as a hotbed for international talent. Important recent developments that further enhance our regional IT& Tech strengths include the convergence of TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the development of the IT Campus as linking pin between companies and knowledge institutes, delivering tomorrow’s talent today.

Rotterdam: IT and Tech hub

Besides the digital infrastructure, Rotterdam has an excellent research infrastructure. Our city has created an exceptional environment where government, business industries and knowledge institutions work successfully and closely together. Rotterdam vigorously supports and assists cutting-edge innovation tech hubs such as: 

Start or grow your business in Rotterdam´s IT & Tech industry

Whether you want to set up an HTMS company or grow your IT & Tech business in Europe, Rotterdam Partners is your starting point. We will share our broad expertise and network, dedicated guidance and up-to-date knowledge.

Photo credits: Iris van den Broek, Chris Gorzeman, Eric Bakker, Pixabay, EUR, Intellian

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