The best city in Europe for your Transport & Logistics business

Being home to Europe’s major port and with excellent accessibility by rail, road, water and air, Rotterdam is the key city in the Dutch Transport & Logistics industry. 

Are you the next key player in the Transport & Logistics industry?

Our bold and innovative city of Rotterdam has created a nourishing business climate for sustainability focused companies. Within the Transport & Logistics industry, these three types of companies and and investors have a strong presence in the region:

  • Innovative tech logistics companies, including start-ups and scale-ups
  • Traditional logistics companies with a focus on innovation, digitalisation and sustainable initiatives
  • Companies in Agri & Food, Chemicals, Life Science & Health and other industries, aiming to set up logistics and supply chain operations directed at the Netherlands and Western Europe.

These businesses interconnect and showcase rapid growth while sustainably strengthening the Rotterdam ecosystem.

The world’s most sustainable port

Rotterdam is a progressive hotspot for the most promising digital innovations. Digitalisation in our port facilitates and speeds up the  transformation of the existing Transport & Logistics industry, assisting future logistics investors in becoming smarter, more digital and competitive. 

Rotterdam has the largest port globally in cargo, processing approximately 7.4 million containers annually. It is also one of the most sustainable ports in the world.  

Start or grow your business in Rotterdam

Whether you want to set up or expand your business or organise an event, Rotterdam Partners is your starting point. We will share our broad expertise and network, dedicated guidance, and up-to-date knowledge.

Photo credits: Leon Willems, Eric Bakker, Danny Cornelissen, Port of Rotterdam

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