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Erasmus Data Collaboratory - an inclusive data & learning hub opens at Erasmus University Rotterdam


On Friday, October 29, 2021 The Erasmus Data Collaboratory (EDC), a physical hub for hands-on action learning, action research, and experimentation was opened by the president of Erasmus University Rotterdam Ed Brinksma. EDC is meant to become an inclusive open learning environment for data and AI on campus at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where people can think, work and invent together.

The data hub which fosters creativity

The Erasmus Data Collaboratory will be one of the important physical nodes in the Convergence in AI, data & digitalization. The urgent and complex societal challenges of our time call for convergence; the crossing of boundaries between institutes and disciplines to create new perspectives and solutions.

A primary aim of the Erasmus Data Collaboratory is to foster collective creativity to create societal impact. By bringin together students, academics, public and private partners, startups and scale-ups, a common goal of energy transition, resilient deltas, health systems, and on creating smart and inclusive cities drives this community further. These complex issues are hard to resolve, demanding approaches that are creative, systemic and divergent. Several partners in the ecosystem of ECDA such as the City of Rotterdam, The Province of South Holland, the Port of Rotterdam and NGOs will come up with societal challenges to work on. These challenges will be linked with pre and post experience programs of EUR, to provide students a hand-on learning experience, resulting in out-of-the-box creative solutions.


The prominent result of collaborations

The Erasmus Center for Data Analytics (ECDA),  facilitates the Erasmus University and its stakeholder organisations in preparing society for a data-driven future, hands-on and human-centred, towards a sustainable world. To that end, the centre houses, amongst others, one of the key Erasmus initiatives: Societal Implications of AI. Erasmus Data Collaboratory, being part of ECDA, also plays a major role in facilitating future-focused ideas for data and AI.

ECDA cooperated with leading tech companies and start-ups which offer cloud infrastructure for data and AI, access to particular data sets and algorithms, advanced tools for AI, machine learning, process mining and visualis. EDC is a special strategic collaboration program between the universities of South Holland and the medical centers so that the community can plan and execute their activities, and where ECDA’s corporate members meet to learn, share, and research collaboratively. For this reason, TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam are joining forces in the Convergence Alliance. The cooperation between experts in AI, data and digitalization, and experts who apply AI in another scientific domain, is central. In other words: in AI and with AI.

For more information, please visit Erasmus Center for Data Analytics and Erasmus Data Collaboratory.

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