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Rotterdam is a young, dynamic metropolis which keeps developing rapidly. Our city has it all: from glistening skyscrapers, to an impressive port, from trendy restaurants and food markets to renowned museums, special attractions and festivals. This, in combination with easily accessible hotel accommodation and an excellent ratio between price and quality, makes Rotterdam the ideal destination. We are keen to introduce you to what our city has to offer to tourists. As the Rotterdam Partners Tourism Board, we will support you in choosing Rotterdam as your destination. We do so independently, professionally and free of charge. We know our city like nobody else does and we work together with more than 160 Rotterdam partners in the business travel and tourist industry. That makes us your ideal gateway to Rotterdam and leaves you assured of receiving tailor-made advice.

Why Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam is different: a bustling mix of innovative architecture, lively festivals and challenging art and culture
  • Rotterdam is attractive: a wide range of hotels that are good value for money
  • Rotterdam is easily accessible. Strategically situated and connected with the entire world
Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam vanaf Fenix Food Factory

"Rotterdam is the soul of modern architecture, a city that will show you anything is possible when talking about rebuilding yourself." Facauaru Alexandra, G2 Travel

Urban Vibe

Experience the diversity of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a city you want to experience. The city is a bustling mix of innovative architecture, lively festivals, challenging art and culture and it has a unique urban vibe thanks to its diverse population. Rotterdam embraces the experiment; nearly everything is possible. You are constantly surprised by new initiatives: from a city garden on a rooftop to a music festival in the docks, from an exclusive rooftop bar to a brewery in an old warehouse and local designers’ shops. You can wander around in indoor markets, lose your way in one of the many old dockland areas that are now a backdrop to lively night life areas, or experience the city on the water.

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