Foreign companies help build Rotterdam's sustainable future


International companies such as BioTisk, Performance Rotors and S2Grupo were officially welcomed to Rotterdam last night during Rotterdam Partners' annual Red Carpet Dinner. Mayor Aboutaleb welcomed to the Kunsthal a total of over 30 international companies that settled in the city this year. He stressed the importance of people and compassion: ‘Cities are not made of bricks, but of people. It is of paramount importance to always keep looking for connections.’

Rotterdam faces major transitions in areas such as sustainability, digitalisation and circularity. One of the key objectives is to be completely climate-neutral by 2050. Attracting foreign companies that contribute to this with knowledge, skills, investments and jobs is a valuable way to meet the city’s transition goals. Rotterdam Partners, responsible for the international acquisition of companies to the city, focuses on companies that match our ambitions in areas such as innovation, digitalisation, sustainability, circularity and inclusiveness. This is often done in cooperation with parties such as the municipality, the Port Authority, NFIA or InnovationQuarter.


Singapore’s Performance Rotors, which builds inspection drones for maritime and industrial environments, and cybersecurity provider S2Grupo from Spain strengthen existing clusters with their arrival, bring valuable knowledge and create jobs with a future. Swedish biofuels trader BioTisk and South African sustainable battery builder for industrial applications maxwell+spark, are helping the city in its sustainability transition. Jorn Douwstra, manager International Trade & Investment at Rotterdam Partners: ‘We are proud of the companies we have attracted this year. In June, we saw another great example of how foreign companies can contribute to Rotterdam. The Finnish company Neste, with which we have good relations, then announced its €1.9 billion investment in a biofuels refinery on the Second Maasvlakte. A huge boost for the region.’


Long-term added value

Rotterdam Partners’ Red Carpet Dinner is considered one of the most important networking events for international companies in the Rotterdam region. The event is attended annually by many representatives of national and international companies and start-ups from the region, as well as executives and ambassadors.


Header foto: Guido Pijper

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