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Rotterdam is a mediagenic city full of stories. Do you, as a social influencer, want to make a cool video or a fascinating story about Rotterdam? Please contact the media team of Rotterdam Partners. We are happy to help you with setting up your plan and support you in setting up a program.

Influencer marketing in Rotterdam

As a social influencer, blogger, Instagrammer or YouTuber you are often looking for new hotspots and best kept secrets. In Rotterdam we would like to guide you to these undiscovered places.

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About the Rotterdam Makers District Meet

We invited 64 enthusiastic Instagrammers with 304.826 followers to explore the Rotterdam Makers District. They were not stopped by anyone or anything while photographing the beautiful places. That not only yielded beautiful images, but also no less than 37.956 likes on Instagram. View the making-of above. Curious about the photos? Check these on Instagram with #rdammakersdistrictmeet or follow: @Rotterdaminfo.

More information?

Do you have a question or would you like to receive more information about influencer marketing in Rotterdam? Please contact me.

Kim Heinen International Press Officer +31 10 790 01 55
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