Planning a fact finding trip to Rotterdam

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A fact-finding trip is the ideal opportunity to truly experience Rotterdam for yourself. During the day, we will be your guide as you visit potential locations for your company. We will put you in contact with local service providers and present you to relevant networks, partners, banks, and the Rotterdam Expat Centre. Based on your preferences and needs, we will put together a customised programme and take care of all the arrangements with partners across the city. In short, we will make sure everything goes smoothly, so that you can make the most of your visit to Rotterdam.

What we will do for you

We, Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment, will give you independent and professional advice, entirely free of charge. We will be happy to help you plan a fact-finding trip to Rotterdam.

  • We organise fact-finding visits
  • We will put you in touch with relevant agencies and institutions in the city
  • We are your personal guide during your visit to Rotterdam
  • We will design a programme that is customised to your situation
  • We will show you potential locations in Rotterdam

If you are curious about what else we can do for you, please check the detailed list of our services.

Relevant information

Below you will find a list of the relevant tools and information that we offer to make life easier for you:

Download the list of service providers:

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