fDI Intelligence: Rotterdam is Europe’s best connected large European city


Rotterdam is the best connected large city in Europe. Other strong points are human capital and lifestyle, economic potential, and business friendliness, according to fDi Intelligence. Together these strengths add up to making Rotterdam one of the top 5 large European Cities of the Future and a good choice for foreign direct investment. The authoritative fDi Intelligence - European Cities of the Future 2022/2023 ranking ( Financial Times), published today, puts Rotterdam in 5th spot in the large cities ranking, and 1st in Connectivity.

Rotterdam has been scoring high marks in fDi Intelligence’s rankings consistently over the last few years, with connectivity (by land, air, sea and the internet) and fdi strategy as recurrent strong points. The continuous growth and development of Rotterdam in other aspects such as overall quality of life, talent and business climate are now getting recognition as well, with strong performances in the fDI Intelligence ranking.

Strategically located, Gateway to Europe

Rotterdam is Europe’s #1 port and the ‘gateway to Europe’. Its strategic location close to the North sea and on the river Maas, its port and superior accessibility with train connections to all major European cities, two airports nearby with direct flight connections to 300+ destinations make it an easily accessible city by air, road, sea and rail. From Rotterdam, businesses have great access to European markets and all economic centres in Europe can be reached within 24 hours. Besides great physical connectivity, Rotterdam is the digital gateway to Europe. The city and port are a data hub with excellent digital connectivity.

Physical and digital connectivity essential for competitive city and port

Jorn Douwstra, manager International Trade & Investment at Rotterdam Partners: “We are very pleased with the important recognition of Rotterdam by fDI Intelligence as a European city of the future. The City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and our stakeholders are continuously working on improving the entrepreneurial climate in Rotterdam, to remain an appealing city for both foreign investors and Dutch companies. The recognition for our excellent connectivity especially makes us proud, as it is one of the important reasons why companies choose to be located here. This is true for both our physical and digital connectivity. We will continue to work on attracting companies that make a real contribution to our economic ecosystem, and help Rotterdam transition to an even more innovative and sustainable city.”

Emile Hoogsteden, commercial director Port of Rotterdam: “City and port are closely linked. The city benefits from the economic activity in the port and the port benefits from the appeal of Rotterdam as an ideal city to live and work. I consider the city’s #1 score for connectivity as a nice compliment for our work to keep Europe’s largest port accessible.”

Rob Bagchus, Chief Public Affairs & Public Relations Officer Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam: “Good connectivity is vital for the port and the port industry. The fact that Rotterdam scores so high underlines the strong competitive position of the city and port of Rotterdam. As has often been said in this Olympic year, getting to no. 1 is perhaps easier than staying at no. 1 . The focus on optimal connections, both physical and digital, must never be slackened.”

Stijn Koster, Ubisoft Vice President Hosting Services / i3D.net (company specialising in low-latency network and solutions in the gaming industry): “The city of Rotterdam is internationally well positioned and connects directly to all major internet hubs in Europe through various sea and land cables. Within the city, a high diversity of fiber and wireless connectivity allows us to work from home, the office or anywhere else. Perfect digital connectivity is an essential condition for a company like i3D.net to be able to operate successfully. This is one of the main reasons why we are located in Rotterdam.”

About fDI Intelligence and Cities of the Future ranking

fDi Intelligence is the Financial Times’ specialist service for global investment professionals and institutions. For their European Cities of the Future ranking, fDi Intelligence collected data for 553 locations (367 cities, 148 regions and 38 LEPs or local enterprise partnership in five categories: Economic Potential, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Cost Effectiveness, Connectivity and Business Friendliness. Interviews were held for a 6th category, FDO strategy.


Download the ranking from the FDI Intelligence website: https://bit.ly/36n9nFW

Header picture: Danny Cornelissen, Port of Rotterdam

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