Rotterdam, the city of smart energy innovations

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Our city of Rotterdam is setting an example of energy transition in Europe. The government, companies (in offshore wind, trading, electrification, hydrogen, chemicals and biofuel), and internationally renowned universities together create a flourishing ecosystem. Our main goal is to develop innovative, clean solutions and to transition into leading Europe’s smart city.

Why choose Rotterdam to grow your energy business in Europe?

Rotterdam is a hotspot for sustainability and circularity. Our region is home to several leading knowledge & research institutions, including the Delft University of Technology. In our urban region you will also find innovation hubs and special programs supporting (new) businesses in starting or growing their sustainable energy operations. Because of our city’s unique position as gateway to Europe, with perfect connectivity and the presence of key industries and relevant networks, our city is also an appealing place for holding conventions and events, such as the World Hydrogen Summit 2022, the World Energy Congress 2024 and Recharge Earth.

Rotterdam: becoming a leading example of energy transition

Following the Paris Climate Agreement, Rotterdam has taken the energy transition focus to the next level by taking on the Rotterdam Climate agreement, signed in 2019 by the city’s government and more than one hundred companies progressing towards a climate-neutral city by 2050. The Agreement is a brilliant example of our  “make it happen” mentality. Our city and port showcase many smart energy innovations and relevant projects and innovations in blue hydrogen and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), such as the Porthos project and H-vision, and in green hydrogen, including new production facilities being developed at the Maasvlakte. Read more about Rotterdam as the city of energy transition.

Latest on hydrogen in Rotterdam

For an overview on hydrogen developments and news from Rotterdam, please check our dedicated hydrogen webpage.

Start or grow your business in Rotterdam’s Energy industry

Whether you want to set up and expand your energy business or organise an event, Rotterdam Partners is your starting point.  We will share our broad expertise and network, dedicated guidance and up-to-date knowledge.

Photo credits: Claire Droppert, Danny Cornelissen, Kees Torn, Port of Rotterdam, Veenman Plus / Lennaert Ruinen

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