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Start your business in the inclusive city of Rotterdam

We, Rotterdammers, are proud of our city. Closely collaborating with the municipality, key business industries and research institutes, we shape our resilient, sustainable, innovative, and inclusive city.

With our famed make it happen mentality and the focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, Rotterdam is the ideal place for entrepreneurs and organisers of conferences who dare to create and drive forward positive change. Our innovative city is home to over 170 nationalities and together we focus on building a sustainable urban future. The Dutch being the best non-native English speakers contributes to our open mentality and inclusiveness and will make you feel at home easily. 

Rotterdam, building towards a resilient city

Rotterdam has ambitious plans to fully transform into a resilient city through digitalisation, with the IT Campus Rotterdam playing a significant role. A 5G network is being installed throughout our city and the Digital City Programme launches Rotterdam’s twin, a digital platform in 2022. Rotterdam brings many resources to build the best possible cyber security for the city and the port (FERM). 

Focusing on a better future for everyone

These bold projects showcase Rotterdam as inclusive and sustainable city: 

Welcome to your new home, Rotterdam!

‘Together’ is the keyword for Rotterdammers. We create change by working with the government, public institutions and varying business industries and networks and national programs, such as NPRZMany current program focus on growing communities and bonding neighbourhoods. Our city of Rotterdam is an inclusive city for everyone, no matter your background, nationality or ethnicity.

Find out more about Rotterdam’s ambitions to become a resilient city:

Explore inclusive Rotterdam

Whether you want to set up or expand your business or organise an event, Rotterdam Partners is your starting point.  We will share our broad expertise and network, dedicated guidance and up-to-date knowledge of local inclusive developments, projects and key industries. Get in touch, and we will guide you every step of the way and make it happen!

Photo credits: De Doelen ICC, Paul Martens,

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