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Rotterdam is often referred to as the 'gateway to Europe'. Our harbour is the centre of Europe's biggest maritime cluster, and we maintain a world-class quality within many other economic sectors. Strategically located in Europe, we facilitate a strong global ecosystem.

Proud partner of HortiRoad2India

One of the  multi-annual trade programs Rotterdam Partners is actively involved with is NLHortiRoad2India. We are a proud partner of HortiRoad2India, the public-private partnership for international business (PIB) between the Netherlands and India.

CEA in India: Creating profitable impact with healthy residue free fresh fruit and vegetables
India has a growing young middleclass, demanding more and more healthy, quality food. In addition to this growing domestic demand, India has export ambitions – both urging sustainable solutions. By collaborating to engage this niche market, we can initiate a chain reaction that will create more jobs, attract more investors to India, increase income for those in agriculture, and provide healthier, cleaner food for everyone. In summary: it will have a significant impact on sustainability in India. Join our mission in creating sustainable food systems in India, and visit

Foto bovenaan: Gerhard van Roon, Kunst en Vliegwerk RP

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