Subsidy Business Premises Manufacturing Industry

Are you an entrepreneur from the manufacturing industry and would you like to settle in Rotterdam? Or are you already based here, but you would like to renovate or expand your premises? Then this subsidy scheme may just be the thing to give you that little push towards realising your ambitions!

Which companies are eligible for a subsidy?

The scheme is intended for companies in the manufacturing industry with a minimum of two and a maximum of 249 employees and a turnover of up to €50 million. It is also tested whether applicants are taking demonstrable steps towards circular and climate-neutral entrepreneurship.

Submit a subsidy application?

The subsidy can be applied for at

  • Schedule a consultation with an advisor to discuss your application;
  • Collect all documents required for the application;
  • Apply for the subsidy. You will also find the complete subsidy conditions on the municipal website.

More information

Do you have questions? Download the English brochure, or contact David Louwerse, project manager of the subsidy scheme, directly,

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