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Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment advises you independently, professionally and free of charge about the possibilities in the Rotterdam region. Our services are offered to you by the city and our services do not have a commercial approach. With this we guarantee independence so that we can come to the best choices for your company together with you.

Our role in the city

  • Knowledge and expertise of the market and Rotterdam
    We have broad and good knowledge of the Rotterdam region. We are happy to assist you with the exploration of the city region as a business location and to map out the various possibilities that our city has to offer. We have years of experience in the field of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in various economic markets. We are happy to help and support you. We handle your requests quickly and carefully, deploy them in our network and come back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Entrance to the city: very large and good network in and outside the city
    With a very large and good network in and outside the city we can be the entrance to Rotterdam for you. We work closely with the (inter) national business community. In addition, we can put you in touch with municipal, provincial and national governments, public organizations and service providers such as consultants, lawyers and recruitment and selection agencies.
  • Red Carpet Treatment
    We are happy to roll out the red carpet for everyone who visits Rotterdam. Rotterdam Partners organizes the exclusive Red Carpet Dinner every year for the new settlers in Rotterdam, as a token of appreciation to everyone who, like us, has decided to embrace Rotterdam. The Red Carpet Dinner is one of the largest network meetings in the Rotterdam business community.

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