Rotterdam scores with FDI strategy in Tech Cities of the Future ranking by fDi Magazine and TNW


Rotterdam has been included on the ‘Tech Cities of the Future 2020/2021’ ranking by fDi Magazine (a Financial Times publication) and The Next Web. Rotterdam occupies 15th spot in the ranking for FDI strategy and is the second ranking Dutch city after Amsterdam (6th position).

The ranking for Rotterdam in Tech Cities of the Future Ranking is a confirmation that the city has a highly attractive climate for foreign investments. “Successful tech cities are the result of coordinated government strategy aimed at developing a globally connected and supportive community that fosters collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship” states the report.

Wilbert Lek, Managing Director at Rotterdam Partners about Rotterdam’s FDI climate: “Rotterdam is about innovation, about collaboration and about getting things done. We recognize the challenges that face our world and see our city as a real life testing ground for important transitions. We actively support start-ups and scaleups with special programmes and facilitate innovators with co-working spaces, communities, incubators and accelerators, bringing together ideas, talent and money. Prime examples include Up!Rotterdam, WeTech Rotterdam and the Mobility Innovation Campus. This is how Rotterdam’s innovation ecosystem has become such a success.”

About Tech Cities of the Future

‘Tech Cities of the Future’ is a new ranking by fDi Intelligence (Financial Times) and TNW. To create this ranking, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using the specialist online FDI tools as well as other sources. Data was collected for 76 locations, under five categories: Economic Potential, Innovation and Attractiveness, FDI Performance, Cost Effectiveness and Start-up Environment.

In recent years Rotterdam scored a first place for connectivity in the Financial Times’ fDi ranking and a third place based on FDI projects together with Amsterdam in IBM’s Global Trends Report.

Download the Tech Cities of the Future report from the fDi Intelligence website.

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