Rotterdam scores first in connectivity in Financial Times


Rotterdam has again been awarded high positions on the Foreign Direct Investment Index (fDi-index), the authoritative fDi Index compiled by The Financial Times. Rotterdam ranks first in connectivity, 3rd for fdi strategy and firmly holds the 8th position in the top 10 of Large European Cities of the Future 2018/2019. The region of South Holland holds 9th position in the ranking of mid-sized European regions of the future 2018/2019.

Rotterdam has made a jump from 6th position in the rankings for fdi strategy 2016/2017, to 3rd in the same ranking for 2018/2019. The high positions for Rotterdam and South Holland in the Financial Times fdi index are a confirmation that the city and region have a highly attractive climate for foreign investments.

The fDi Index is a biannual ranking by fD Intelligence, published by the Financial Times. It ranks the cities that offer the best prospects for foreign investment, economic development and corporate expansion. Factors taken into account include the FDI strategy, infrastructure and economic potential. Rotterdam ranks number one in Europe in connectivity thanks to the quality of, and structural investments in its port including Maasvlakte II, the airport, high-quality infrastructure, connections to the rest of the world, and ICT infrastructure.

Rotterdam’s strategy for attracting foreign investments focuses on six key economic sectors: Maritime & Offshore, Agro-food, Clean Tech, SmartIndustry, Life Sciences & Health, and Business Services (including Insurance & Risk). In 2017 Rotterdam was pleased to welcome various prominent international companies, including Nuctech, LT Foods, Tatsumi Shokai and j5create.

The city’s success in attracting direct foreign investment is the result of solid, intensive collaboration between national and local authorities, the business community, the international education sector, and regional service providers like relocators, notaries, lawyers, estate agents and accountants. In recent years, such advantages as good accessibility (within the city and through connections to the Dutch and European hinterland), a wide range of offices at affordable prices, an international city that values quick and decisive action, and the multilingual workforce have been key factors in helping international investors to come to Rotterdam and remain there. The city’s housing options and liveability also have a positive impact when deciding whether to base business operations in Rotterdam.

Amsterdam and Eindhoven occupy 4th and 24th places respectively in the top 25 European Cities of the Future 2018/2019 overall, which is further testimony to the strong Dutch entrepreneurial and investment climate.

Download the fDi rapport European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019

About the fDi Index

The fDi Index is a biannual ranking by fD Intelligence, published by the Financial Times. This independent study is conducted by fDi Intelligence, the world’s biggest knowledge centre in foreign investments. Their researchers compiled data on 489 cities and regions across Europe. More on the fDi Index:

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