Netherlands top attractor of quality jobs, Amsterdam/Rotterdam 3rd most popular urban region for FDI projects


The Netherlands is the top ranking destination country based on average job value of foreign investment projects in 2018, states the IBM Global Trends Report 2019. This stems in large part to significant investments in ICT and Life Sciences & Health sectors. Comparing countries on what projects they attract, and not just the number of jobs, is an increasingly important way of valuing foreign investments.

From the IBM report: “On this measure, the Netherlands has moved to the top position globally, after receiving significant investment in ICT and Life Sciences. It is of interest to note that the country saw an overall reduction in the numbers of FDI jobs received after three very successful years. However, the recent investment is more concentrated on higher-value segments.”

Amsterdam/Rotterdam ranks 3rd in number FDI projects

The metropolitan region of Amsterdam/Rotterdam also performs very well, claiming 3rd spot in the metropolitan area ranking by number of FDI projects (2018), showing a moderate increase where many other regions show decreasing numbers of projects. Both sectors are important contributors to the #Rotterdam economy and innovation ecosystem, with growing numbers of international entrepreneurs and companies setting up in Rotterdam. Health-Tech start-up company Soom is a prime example.

Talent is vital

In order to be and remain attractive for FDI, the availability and development of talent is vital. From the IBM report: “There is growing competition for skills, with a tightening in many labor markets for critical talent. This makes it more difficult for companies to recruit and retain key staff (…) Where companies are making significant long-term commitments with core corporate functions, they should make concerted efforts to proactively engage in shaping and developing the required talent.”

Rotterdam is very active in this respect. The city has an active ecosystem where municipality, Rotterdam Partners, companies, innovation hubs and knowledge institutions actively work together to attract and retain talent. Special expat welcoming events and talent nights are examples of this proactive collaboration.

For more information about setting up and/or expanding business in Rotterdam, please check this webpage.

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