Swisscom DevOps Center sets up office in Rotterdam


Developing and operating software for the biggest Swiss telecommunications and one of the leading IT companies in the Swiss market from the Netherlands: Swisscom chose Rotterdam for piloting its first DevOps Center abroad.

Swisscom is the Nr. 1 telecommunications company and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland. Its products and services range from B2C products, such as Swisscom TV, to B2B IT solutions in multiple industries, such as Banking, Health, Energy, Entertainment and Advertising. Being a responsible organization, citizen and employer is one of its key ambition.

Innovation and experimenting are deeply rooted in the DNA of Swisscom. It is not only limited to technology, but as well forms of collaboration. Facing a continuously growing gap of IT professionals in Switzerland, combined with the ambition to build the leading DevOps organization in Europe by 2025 it was a logical step for Swisscom to look abroad.

Rotterdam as an ideal location to pilot the new setup

Rotterdam is an ideal location for Swisscom to build the first DevOps unit abroad. It is a tech-hub with a growing IT industry and vivid start-up scene, and thus not only attractive for Swisscom, but as well for the sought-after IT experts. Furthermore, Rotterdam, and the Netherlands in general, are characterized by national diversity and demonstrates an open welcoming culture. An ideal perquisite for attracting IT talents globally.

Vice-minister Maarten Camps of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy:“The Netherlands is one of the digital frontrunners of the European Union. Our country is in an excellent position to develop and implement the economic and societal opportunities that come with digitalisation, with an ambition to lead in research, innovation and the application of new technologies. We are proud that Swisscom [as the leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland,] chose Rotterdam for their new Software Development Center.”

Swisscom DevOps Center, a playground for IT experts with a 50% female ratio

The Swisscom DevOps Center has a unique setup in Swisscom. All of its employees are and will be specialised in DevOps and are cracks in there very area. Managerial structures and hierarchy are kept to a minimum, and everyone is part of an existing team (Tribe/Squad) in Switzerland – thus Rotterdam is kind of a location like Zurich or Bern for Swisscom. Put in other words: the Swisscom DevOps Center employees are part of an international virtual team. As the Swisscom DevOps Center is being built from scratch, all employees are involved in creating its structure, processes and environment.

An exceptional factor, which the Swisscom DevOps Center is especially proud of: the 50:50 gender ration in the starting team.

Check the Swisscom DevOps Center website.

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