Rotterdam best European city for expats according to Dispatches Europe


Rotterdam is the best city in Europe for expats, according to Dispatches Europe. Dispatches Europe describes Rotterdam as 'one of the cutting-edge cities in Europe' and 'one of our favorite cities for bizz and pleasure'.

Dispatches Europe is an integrated news and entertainment platform, dedicated to connecting English-speaking talented people including students, highly skilled workers from all over the world, corporate expats and startup techpats. In its yearly list of ‘best cities for expats’, Dispatches ranks European cities by overall cost of living; talent and career opportunities; affordability of housing and quality of life; english as the main business language or at least commonly spoken; corruption. Rotterdam tops the 2019 ranking after having been named as one of the up-and-coming cities in the 2018 edition of the list.

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Header photo: Iris van den Broek

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