Turn your conference into a catalyst for change.

Be part of Rotterdam’s ongoing collaboration to green the city. Residents, businesses and the municipality are already working on making our port city even more livable by enhancing the city centre and our waterways. City greenery provides a healthier and more sustainable living environment and contributes to biodiversity. A green city is also more resilient to an increasingly wet climate with hot and dry periods. Rotterdam continues to invest in creating more green space; international events are welcome to collaborate with us on achieving this goal, while also fulfilling their CSR obligations for a more sustainable approach to activities. Global organisers can participate in one of four possible greening projects:

  • The Green Neighbour project, which contributes to our communities;
  • The Learning Green project, which helps transform city schoolyards;
  • The Green Dream project, which progresses Rotterdam’s climate adaptation initiatives;
  • The Green Mission project, a chance to collaborate on a green project you’re passionate about.

Webinar: New Year’s resolution: Define your legacy

The Rotterdam Collaboration for Change initiative is designed to match the mission of a conference with our city’s ambition.

  • Join the online discussion on 18 January 2024, 3pm, and share in the knowledge of an initiative that promises to reshape the way we approach the future of our cities and the legacy we hope to leave behind.
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