Turn your conference into a catalyst for change.

Sometimes it is not just one theme; sometimes it’s all of them. Or maybe you have a new idea, a unique vision of your own? We are here for it – because the ambition to do good should always be encouraged and the commitment to help each other should be cherished. Under the heading of Collaboration on a Dream, we explore your own ambition for the future of your association and membership and for the discipline you represent. We work with you on ways to support your CSR ambitions, we share our knowledge and that of our local counterparts and together we craft a collaboration that makes your dream a reality.

Webinar: New Year’s resolution: Define your legacy

The Rotterdam Collaboration for Change initiative is designed to match the mission of a conference with our city’s ambition.

  • Join the online discussion on 18 January 2024, 3pm, and share in the knowledge of an initiative that promises to reshape the way we approach the future of our cities and the legacy we hope to leave behind.
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