Opening new Erasmus MC Rotterdam


The new Erasmus MC was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander on Thursday 6 September. The new hospital is a state-of-the-art medical centre where everything revolves around optimal care and comfort for the patient. The hospital has only single rooms, treatment rooms are shared by medical disciplines and there are more public areas and clear connections between the different buildings.

Erasmus MC is one of the leading European university hospitals and an important factor within the Rotterdam medical sector and the Rotterdam business climate and innovation ecosystem.

More efficient and better care

Erasmus MC is a medical ‘city within the city’. The renovation has not really changed the total floor space of ​​the hospital (app. 185,000 m2). However, the layout and use of the available space are considerably different and facilitate a big improvement in the area of ​​efficiency and quality of care. By no longer assigning treatment rooms to specialisms but sharing them, it is possible to plan and use them more efficiently. Having only single rooms reduces the risk of infections and also means more comfort for the patients. The improved layout of the public areas in the hospital make for shorter en clearer connections between the different parts of the hospital. New and existing buildings are connected by a large passage covered with glass.

Education and research

In addition to being the largest hospital in the Netherlands, with more than 70 educational programs Erasmus MC is also one of the most important educational institutes in the country. Many important medical research studies are conducted at Erasmus MC within different disciplines. Erasmus MC is also very active in the area of ​​research and innovation outside its hospital walls. With its Technology Transfer Office (TTO) it participates in the Life Sciences & Health Hub in the Rotterdam Science Tower, where the LabHotel is also located.

Life Sciences & Health sector in and around Rotterdam

Rotterdam is part of the Medical Delta, a medical and technological alliance of Erasmus University Rotterdam,  Erasmus MC, Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and the Leiden University Medical Centre, plus several public-sector parties, science parks, and over 150 companies. The Medical Delta is the Netherlands’ largest cluster of life science companies, making it a hub for numerous regional and industry crossovers, such as in the area of biotechnology.

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