Rotterdam's increasing appeal as location for LS&H congresses

July 2018
Boardroom Magazine

Rotterdam is a strong player in the global Life Sciences & Health arena. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, with the presence of more than 150 LS&H companies, Erasmus MC, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and their collaboration in the Life Sciences & Health Hub, located in the Rotterdam Science Tower. Many medical innovations are developed in Rotterdam and important medical research studies are conducted in the city.

Boardroom Magazine

Internationally appealing examples of medical research from Rotterdam include the Generation R Next study (paediatrics) and the diabetes studies by Diabeter. The strength of Rotterdam’s LS&H cluster and the many leading research studies in this area make for an increasing appeal of the city as location for international medical congresses.

Boardroom Magazine, a leading platform for associations, published in 2018 an interesting article about the strength and appeal of Rotterdam’s LS&H cluster as part of their ‘Boardroom Knowledge Series’.

Rotterdam Board Magazine

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Check Life Sciences & Health Rotterdam for more information. For a complete overview of the conventions and events in Rotterdam, please check: agenda.

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