Rotterdam Makers District: the spot for the innovative manufacturing industry

The Makers District, comprising the areas of RDM Rotterdam and Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H), is the ideal location for new businesses to develop into established enterprises.

It also gives large companies the opportunity to experiment with new products and processes. Here, they can invent, test and implement new technologies. New technologies based on digitisation, robotisation, additive manufacturing and the application of new, sustainable energy and materials. Consequently, the Rotterdam Makers District is a testing ground and showcase for the new economy. Visible to everyone.

The added value that the Rotterdam Makers District has to offer is not just the result of the physical space, but especially that of a business climate that encourages and boosts collaboration and entrepreneurship. Cooperation with knowledge and educational institutions in the region is crucial, as this is where young people are introduced to the techniques of the future.

The Rotterdam Makers District is working hard on achieving an even closer link with M4H and RDM. The objective is to create a community of successful and innovative entrepreneurs, integrated with the broader, regional innovation ecosystem of businesses, knowledge institutions and sources of funding. The Rotterdam Makers District is rapidly turning into a vibrant area with housing, a wide range of facilities, culture and events.

Download the brochure to read more about the Rotterdam Makers District.

Article by: Gemeente Rotterdam | Header photo (c) Guido Pijper

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