Rotterdam. Steps Ahead.

Rotterdam, a bustling and resilient city where social innovation and industry thrive. Where community and commerce join forces. Where education elevates entrepreneurship — and vice versa. We are a hub for entrepreneurship, groundbreaking best practices and lessons learned in green tech and social inclusion. A future proof city where every citizen is living the good life.

Rotterdam is taking big steps towards a sustainable, more inclusive tomorrow:

  • We are building hydrogen and carbon storage infrastructure for Europe, a massive step towards tomorrow’s energy system.
  • We are creating a circular economy where all can stand tall with a small footprint.
  • Start-ups, scale-ups, schools, government and industry work together to form a fruitful innovation eco-system.
  • We are building a climate resilient city, one green roof and urban water buffer at a time.
  • Energy coaches, communities and cooperatives are taking crucial steps by insulating homes and reducing emissions.

When the challenges are great — Rotterdam. Steps ahead.


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