Rotterdam Ahoy. Spot on Sustainability.

Rotterdam Ahoy lives in the here and now but is constantly thinking about the future, a sustainable future. A future in a healthy, beautiful and green city. So that future generations can also enjoy all the beauty we have to offer. Sustainable ambitions cannot be achieved alone. Rotterdam Ahoy is building the future together with partners and stakeholders in various ways.

With 2.3 million visitors each year, Rotterdam Ahoy feels the need and responsibility to make guests aware of their impact and our joint impact on the environment. To inspire and challenge them to achieve sustainable growth together. This venue is working towards a sustainable future through materials, people and energy and focus on 3 pillars:

  • Ahoy as a venue
  • Ahoy as an organizer
  • Ahoy and her surroundings

In a nutshell, what does Rotterdam Ahoy do and how do they make a difference?

  • CO2 reduce
    Drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by filtering and offsetting CO2 (greening) and not using any fossil fuels.
  • Sustainable Energy
    Investments in solar panels (5,442) and heat and cold storage mean Ahoy is contributing to sustainable events together.
  • Sustainable Water Use
    Together with the Municipality of Rotterdam Ahoy is realising a sustainable urban water buffer which is responsible for a reuse of 20,000 cubic metres of rainwater (e.g.: for cleaning windows and floors)
  • Waste & Plastics
    Approaching waste from a circular perspective as much as possible – minimisation and high-quality recycling. Example: Ahoy is working acccording to the ‘cup to cup’ principle, which saves thousands of kilos of plastic.
  • Food & Beverages
    Focusing on minimising waste, providing healthy alternatives, limiting food miles and striving for circularity in the field of catering.
  • Mobility
    Increasing accessibility through cooperation with partners and optimising communication about alternative transport.
  • Partnerships
    Choosing partners who pursue the same sustainability ideals and help strengthen Ahoy’s and are entering into new partnerships with community projects.
  • Social return
    Focusing on our neighbourhood and our neighbours. By collaborating with partners and schools in the Rotterdam-South area Ahoy offers employment and education.

Rotterdam Ahoy. Built for experiences.

And did you know?

Have you heard about Rotterdam Ahoy’s very own green oasis? This venue borders the largest city park in the Netherlands (430 football fields), the Zuiderpark. A park with deer, buzzards, warblers and bats. Pretty cool! Nature is their neighbour: let’s nurture it! Please check out for a complete overview of all Ahoy’s initiatives!

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