'Energieklusser' or energy handyman helps Rotterdammers be part of the energy transition

In Rotterdam we believe a green energy transition should be accessible for everyone. Therefore, the municipality of Rotterdam opened a digital register that allows Rotterdammers to apply for an ‘Energieklusser’ (energy handyman).

If you are in a financially difficult situation and you want to cut costs on your utilities bill, you can apply for help from an ‘Energieklusser’. An Energieklusser is someone who, for instance installs foil behind your heaters. Or weather-strips at the windows. This not only makes life more comfortable for you, but also reduces your utility bill. The Energieklusser also provides tips to save energy.

Already over 8,000 Rotterdammers have been assisted/helped by an Energieklusser. The municipality covers all costs.

Saving hundreds of euros

Rotterdammers who have already applied for an Energieklusser are enthusiastic. One Rotterdammer shared their experience: “Times are expensive and I have to carefully think about my expenses. That is why I applied for an Energieklusser. They lowered the temperature of the heating, but with the fans and foil installed, the indoor temperature remained comfortable. Because of the weather-strips she applied; the cold wind also no longer enters through the front door. I genuinely think these changes will massively influence my energy consumption for the better.” An energieklusser helps you to save over 200 euro’s a year on your utilities bill.

Rotterdammers can apply for an Energieklusser at www.rotterdam.nl/energieklusser-aanvragen. Or call 14 010 for help with your application.


Article by: Gemeente Rotterdam

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