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Stadshaven Brouwerij (Brewery)

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Address & contact Galileistraat 24
3029 AM Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 307 6838
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About Stadshaven Brouwerij (Brewery)

Stadshaven Brouwerij offers a new bold craft beer brewery concept with a waterfront gastropub. In the Rotterdam Makers District a craft beer brewery has been built on the Merwehaven; Stadshaven Brouwerij. In a 100 year old, fully restored fruit warehouse of more than 5,000 m2, approximately 2 million liters of craft beer will be brewed annually and either bottled, canned, or casked.

Stadshaven Brouwerij is since the opening (July 2021) the second largest independent brewery in the Netherlands and brews 2 million liters of craft beer annually. You can come here for guided tours, beer tastings and a gastronomic experience in our impressive catering facility. The gastropub is divided into different ‘areas, all with their own identity, which can accommodate no fewer than 350 people inside. In addition, there is also a 750m2 terrace, which is located directly on the water of the Rotterdam Fruit Port ( Merwehaven). This area is known as the innovation hub of Rotterdam, of which the Stadshaven Brouwerij is an important part. Innovation and technology flow through the veins and the boilers of the brewery. For example, the Stadshaven Brouwerij is continuously looking for new ways to contribute to liveability, circularity, sustainability and the social dynamics of the area. This includes heat recovery during the brewing process, reuse of waste water, solar panels, use of batteries from discarded scooters and the supply of spent grain (residual product from the brewing process) for cows from the nearby floating farm.

In addition to their (home-brewed) beers, you can enjoy tasty dishes– prepared in the smoker, on the BBQ or from the stone oven – in a relaxed atmosphere by the water or with a unique view of the brewing kettles.

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