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The urban future presents a lot of challenges. Society is becoming increasingly diverse. The rise in digital options is creating new revenue models and having a major impact on our daily lives, the labour market and education. Circular thinking and acting are gaining ground. The way we move about within cities is changing: we walk more, we cycle more, and we take public transport more often. We are all being confronted with the consequences of climate change. And we are in the middle of a transition from fossil energy to sustainable energy.

Rotterdam has reinvented itself and developed its own signature over the past 70 years. The city has achieved this by allowing plenty of room for ideas, venturing into uncharted territories and not being afraid to take risks. The city, the port, and the metropolis have all gone through a myriad of improvements and innovations. The transitions are helping Rotterdam develop into a resilient city and society and the city keeps on anticipating the future.

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