Rotterdam wants to build a floating solar park of 3,770 solar panels


The municipality of Rotterdam and BV Sunny Site Up signed a letter of intent on 18 December 2018 for the construction of a floating solar park at the Rijnhaven or surrounding areas. There will be 3,770 solar panels which will be located in the water, together generating sufficient electricity to provide 285 households with clean energy.

Renowned art producing company Mothership is responsible for the design of the floating solar park. The panels are shaped like a gigantic concentric wave, mimicking a pebble effect. It refers to the ‘ripples of change’ that we need in search of the much needed new forms of energy. With this floating solar park, they hope to create a stepping stone for a new look at solar energy. The project can be admired during the day but even more so in the evening, when soft lights create a beautiful atmosphere. The artwork comes to life and seems to breathe lightly, strengthening the ripple effect.

Generating solar energy is one of the key elements in the plans for energy transition developed by the Rotterdam city council. With a commitment to clean energy and energy saving, CO2 emissions should be reduced by at least 49% by 2030. The arrival of the floating solar park is one of the projects contributing to this commitment.

The expectation is that the floating solar park will be completed by the end of 2019. At the start of 2019 the design will be presented and the license application will be submitted. At that time, the municipality will also start a public participation campaign. Local residents can buy a share of one or more solar panels of the floating solar park.

The solar park was created at the initiative of the Dutch political parties ChristenUnie and SGP as part of the agreements that were made in the Summer Agreement of 2017. Councillor Arno Bonte (Sustainability and Energy Transition) is enthusiastic about the initiative. “Solar energy is on the rise. We want to offer more space for generating clean energy in the city. Even in unexpected places, such as on the water.”

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