Arcadis report ranks Rotterdam as 2nd most sustainable city in the world


Urban sustainability is key to Rotterdam’s ambitions to realise a resilient and future-proof city. The city’s sustainability efforts have been recognised throughout the years in various reports and rankings. Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities Index 2024 ranks Rotterdam 2nd worldwide.

Planet, people and future progress 

According to Arcadis, a leading consultancy and engineering firm focusing on natural and built assets, Rotterdam has achieved the 2nd spot from 100 evaluated cities worldwide thanks to progress achieved in key sustainability areas: planet, people and future (check ranking for more detailed information). 

As explained by John Batten, Global Cities Director for Arcadis:  “To drive sustainable progress, cities must take stock of their achievements and redouble efforts on several fronts, including enhancing resilience, transitioning to renewable energy, ensuring equitable access to services, and promoting green space and resource efficiency.” 

The report highlights Rotterdam as one of the cities with the most sustained momentum, meaning that these cities combine high levels of current sustainability with significant progress over the past decade.  

Read the full report here. 

Green urban Rotterdam 

Rotterdam has ambitious green plans that contribute to a healthier and more resilient future for all. In the coming years, various City Projects will expand green spaces in Rotterdam, create more areas for leisure and cultural events, and provide new housing opportunities in previously unsuitable areas due to air quality or noise issues.  These initiatives aim to enhance air quality, improve rainwater management, boost urban mobility, and reduce heat stress. Upon completion, all residents of Rotterdam will have access to public green spaces within a 15-minute walk. Additionally, other urban future projects include new tunnels, speed reductions in 115 streets and innovative renewable energy production plans, progressing toward a fully circular society and a climate-neutral city by 2050 and this way contributing to a more resilient city. 

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