Rotterdam Knowledge Partners

The Rotterdam Knowledge Partners-network is founded by Rotterdam Partners. This network consists of academics, researchers and other experts working for knowledge institutes. These knowledge ambassadors help Rotterdam Partners promote Rotterdam as a attractive congress destination and attract more congresses to Rotterdam.

In order to be considered for appointment, the knowledge ambassadors had to have already actively participated in bringing a congress to Rotterdam. This means the Rotterdam Knowledge Partners both act as an ambassador and serve as example for colleagues at their institutes who also want to or could organise a congress. The term of an ambassadorship is three years.

The knowledge ambassadors furthermore jointly serve as a knowledge and network platform in the field of organising and attracting national and international congresses to Rotterdam. In this capacity they also act as a sounding board for Rotterdam Partners with respect to issues relating to Rotterdam congress city.

We spoke to several of our Knowledge Ambassadors about their congresses in the city of Rotterdam. These interviews are available in short YouTube clips: