Experiment #3 - Eurovision Song Contest

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Rotterdam, back at it again! On Tuesday September 28th, the third edition of The Rotterdam Experiment took place online and live @Ahoy Convention Center. During this third edition, the Host City Partners who made this possible in a time when the events world stood still, shared their lessons in three table talks.

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Creating a safe environment

The greatest impact Fieldlab had on the MICE market was in triggering a mind-shift. They successfully took decision makers from ‘every event is dangerous’ to ‘there is a major difference in event types and between events and other social gatherings’. They proved that professional organisers are able to create a safe environment. Fieldlab created partners in the journey toward a successful event by informing and connecting relevant stakeholders, such as local and national health authorities about the findings”.

The future of events will be purpose driven

Futurist Yuri van Geest, who has been a guest in all previous experiments, made a remark regarding circularity and sustainability versus regeneration very interesting because sustainability remains a key topic in the MICE industry. The topic of regeneration would be an interesting point for future conversations when we discuss event sustainability and how  events can help the environment but also other sustainable development goals.


One of the greatest learnings is that legacy is very important. Future events need to serve a bigger purpose and benefit the community. Alice Vlaanderen, Project Director ESC 2021 Host City Rotterdam, emphasised that the social legacy was more significant than the economic legacy. It created opportunities for people to gain work experience and made local communities proud so that they will be willing to welcome similar events in the future. Such long-term strategy is essential in the post-pandemic recovery of a MICE destination.

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