The Rotterdam Experiment - The Future of Events 2030

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Rotterdam is the capital of innovation and resilience is in the city's DNA. When conditions are challenging, we excel and drive forwards. Such difficult times call for future focused solutions. In a series of hybrid collaboration experiments, innovative solutions within and outside the sector are explored, tested, and shared with the industry.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the event industry to an abrupt halt. The entire world is currently in transformation, with businesses being disrupted. Exploring and experimenting with new event formats which seek creative solutions is required. But this is not enough – looking further into the global trends that involve technology, organizational structures, generational shifts, learning, values, and leadership.

The future is uncertain, but by experimenting, it is possible to educate and prepare ourselves, our businesses and organizations for the coming new normal.

This is done the Rotterdam way – because Rotterdam truly holds innovative DNA, and the power of collaboration is one of the city’s great values. By bringing those two aspects together, an environment open for experimentation and sharing knowledge together can be created.

The Experiment series

Each edition of The Rotterdam Experiment is a step toward the future of events, by the industry and for the industry. Each Rotterdam Experiment is a new experience, taking place at or broadcasted from a different location, with expert speakers addressing progressive themes within the event industry. The past two events can be revisited below. On these pages you will also find the learnings we’ve gained.

Learning and sharing

Like any good experiment, we will collect real-time data and exchange knowledge with each other. Experts from the events industry & beyond will provide an interdisciplinary perspective of our findings, and together we will build up the cumulative knowledge needed to give shape the event of the future. Knowledge and insights gained through The Rotterdam Experiment will be shared on this page:

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