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Experiment #2 - It's all about Gamification!

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Gamification & building community against all odds

Thursday February 18th 2021 | Online, broadcasted live from Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

The world is in a rapid transformation that crosses cultures, industries and localities. Rotterdam is the capital of innovation; resilience is in our DNA. In The Rotterdam Experiment, Rotterdam Partners engages you during a dynamic series of 7 hybrid, collaborative experiments to explore the future of the events-industry, looking for future focused solutions. The second Rotterdam Experiment was all about Gamification and was broadcasted live from Cruise Terminal Rotterdam.

Photo: impression of Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

This 2nd Rotterdam Experiment will be brought to you live from Cruise Terminal Rotterdam


Part of the required global societal shift which was touched on during the 1st Experiment is a shift from “me” to “we”.  We believe that the events industry is well equipped to rise to this challenge as it is an international collective by nature, and collaborative by design. But the current challenge the events industry faces lies in the efficacy of that collaboration, when being physically present in a room has been impacted by social distancing measures and limitations.

Our Rotterdam Experiment ambassador, futurist Yuri van Geest, helped us put this challenge into perspective by drawing the parallel between the events industry’s shift from pure broadcasting to co-creation and the gaming industry’s shift to using serious games to address key global challenges, both by providing collaborative spaces. Further a valuable and fundamental insight for the future is that the values and competencies learned from gaming culture are now fundamental in work spaces and organisational cultures, including the event industry. Collaboration, curiosity, creativity, problem solving, persistence, grit. Learning and using these competencies are key for the transformation which still needs to come.

The 2nd Rotterdam Experiment, which was broadcasted live from Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, explored the world of gaming and how gamification elements provide both a framework and a culture for collaboration, while also building communities which cross borders and languages. We collaborated, using gamification elements and explored together and went looking for answers to the question: Does the world of gaming offer valuable insights on how to be an effective collaborative collective, to build community and resilience for the events industry?

Recording & Aftermovie

Were you unable to attend? Did you maybe miss the opportunity to experience this Gamification experiment live yourself? Watch the full recording below. A special aftermovie will also be made available soon, so check back soon!

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