Hotel Neutraal: sharing learnings and best practices for a sustainable, circular future

Since October 2022, 16 Rotterdam hotels together with Green Leisure Group, BlueCity, Rotterdam Partners and the Municipality of Rotterdam are actively collaborating in Hotel Neutraal, a joint effort towards a CO2-neutral and circular future. In a series of interviews we share some of the hotels' ambitions, best practices, projects and experiences.

The collaborating hotels and partners are taking steps that help cut costs and contribute to a cleaner Rotterdam by saving on energy, generating less (food) waste, using more circular products, saving water, and lower CO2 emissions. A baseline measurement gives a better idea of the hotels’ performance today and what are some sustainable quick wins. The hotels then set to work to achieve these sustainable objectives, with coaching. In 2023, the hotels will receive the results of their scans, which they will use to establish a roadmap for their actions.

Thanks to Hotel Neutraal, these Rotterdam hotels gain an immediate insight into the sustainable opportunities and are given practical tips and recommendations on how to implement this themselves. The participants strive to take circular, sustainable measures, to reduce their carbon footprint and the use of raw materials, among others. This benefits the hotel industry after the pandemic lockdowns, soaring prices and staff shortages.

Sustainable quick wins and learning from each other

“We have noticed that our guests and employees find sustainability increasingly important. The soaring energy prices and increasingly stricter environmental legislation are also compelling us to take steps to become more sustainable. We hope that this track will give us more of an insight into sustainable quick wins and will allow us to learn from the other participating hotels”, said Monique Segeren of Hostel Room, a participant in Hotel Neutraal.

What are the quick wins for the hotels? Which challenges do they face? And can the industry as a whole make a difference by joining forces? Find out more about experiences of participants in the interviews presented below.


Photos on this page: Jacqueline Fuijkschot

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