Joint Marketing and the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

Rotterdam has much to offer. The people of Rotterdam (‘Rotterdammers’) know this and it’s also getting noticed more and more by people from outside the city. As a result Rotterdam has recently been included in several high profile lists of trendy ‘must see’ cities. The impressive 5th spot in Lonely Planet’s ‘top cities in the world for travellers 2016’ is the most recent testimony of Rotterdam’s increasing international allure.

The growing attention for Rotterdam and the positive stories about our city are of great worth to the promotion of Rotterdam. City marketing is something to which we can all contribute and which in turn benefits us all. We like to call this ‘Joint Marketing’.

Many companies, institutions and organisations in Rotterdam, big and small, from multinationals to small non-profit organisations already contribute to promoting the Rotterdam brand and image in their own way. They do this for, instance by incorporating beautiful Rotterdam photos on their website, by telling about Rotterdam in a conference speech, by including ‘Rotterdam’ in the name of their products, or by telling about the nice living and working conditions of Rotterdam in an article in their company’s magazine.

You too can contribute to Joint Marketing

Everybody can contribute to the Joint Marketing of Rotterdam and consequently to reinforcing the Rotterdam image and economy. All these activities have their own merits, put together the sum of all these activities is priceless.

Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

Participating in Joint Marketing is simple. The Rotterdam Branding Toolkit is an online tool that was especially developed for this purpose. The website contains hundreds of royalty free photos and many texts, facts & figures and promotional videos about Rotterdam. On this website you can also find examples of how others have already contributed to the Joint Marketing of Rotterdam.

Do you have questions or ideas relating to Joint Marketing? Please contact us.