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The Dutch are bold, and tell it like it is.  Rotterdam is simply the best.  Why? The city is international, exciting and vibrant.  It has the hotels you need, the meeting space you want, and the social life your clients wish for.

It is no surprise that Rotterdam is the city chosen to be the European seat of Boston’s Cambridge Innovation Center. Rotterdam is one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities. Rotterdam is where the American pioneering spirit began, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers who set sail for Plymouth.  Rotterdam is home to Europe’s biggest port, the “Gateway to Europe”.

Rotterdam is our hometown, we are Mirjam van de Kamp and Mark de Jong, we are account managers at Rotterdam Partners, and our job is to let you see why it can be the perfect setting for your next conference or event. In fact, we are so sure of this we offer you support in pulling it all together in Rotterdam.

Want to know more about this innovative, resilient and pioneering destination?  Curious to see what life is like in the European Gateway? Wondering what  the international press says about us? Find out why they say Rotterdam is “Reborn to Greatness” and Lonely Planet has chosen us to be in their Best in Travel Top 5 in 2016.

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