Future Mobility

Rotterdam is a frontrunner city when it comes to Future Mobility. The city is open to innovation and eager to support new economy and future mobility related projects and innovations. In and around the city and port, many different types of pilots for mobility and transport initiatives are already visible. The emphasis in these projects lies on sustainable and green solutions that create healthy mobility for everyone.

In Rotterdam we aim for a better and more sustainable future for all. The United Nations addressed the global challenges, in Rotterdam we build and implement solutions. Rotterdam is a hotbed for innovative entrepreneurs who contribute to a sustainable, circular and digital city in the new economy.

The city and port of Rotterdam are perfectly suited to being a testing ground for mobility related innovations. The city is geographically ideally located and easily accessible by road, air, water and rail. The city centre is compact, making Rotterdam an easy city to get around by whatever transport mode one choses. At least as important as the geographical qualities is the focus on progress through innovation that characterises and binds local government, entrepreneurs and businesses, research and knowlegde institutions. A buzzing and fast growing innovation ecosystem is here to welcome all those with an eye on the future and a willingness to contribute to shaping the future of (urban) mobility.

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