Cube houses

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Address & contact Overblaak 70
3011 MH Rotterdam
010 414 2285
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About Cube houses

The Kijk-Kubus is a furnished cube house in the Blaakse Bos, specially designed and made to give the visitor an impression of what life is like in a cube house. Models, photo panels and screens provide additional information about the Blaakse Bos.

The Cube House, also called stilt or tree house, is a design by architect Piet Blom. He wanted to design a kind of village in the big city, where he saw the houses as trees and the entire complex as a forest. This principle also explains the name Blaakse Bos. The cubes are, as it were, tilted, so that three sides face the ground and three face the sky. On the (traffic-free) promenade below the cube houses there are small-scale businesses, shops, a school and a play area for children.

The Kijk-Kubus is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Kijk-Kubus is accessible by tram and bus. The Blaak Station stop is on the doorstep. There are three municipal parking garages in the immediate vicinity.

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