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Address & contact Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS Rotterdam
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About BlueCity

In 2023, BlueCity is a model city for the circular and blue economy and home to 55 entrepreneurs. It is a meeting place for pioneers and enterprising minds, where they develop a framework for action, whether to grow their impact, live a zero waste life, or develop a future-proof material. BlueCity’s mission is to accelerate the transition from the linear to the circular economy through entrepreneurship. More specifically, our dot on the horizon is the blue economy.

BlueCity is a unique, sustainable event location with an edge. We rent out multiple spaces, including the Dome, Ballroom, Skybox and Studio. The unique history of the location and the stunning view over the Maas river and the city skyline make attending events at BlueCity an unforgettable experience.

Naam T C R D M2 H
Balzaal 150 30 250 100 363 3
Dome 150 30 300 100 3000 12
Skybox 20 49 4
Studio 30 18 30 54 5
Dek 80 200 100 228
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