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When it comes to climate change adaptation and energy transition, hydrogen is at the forefront of global attention. And for good reason. Hydrogen can be produced from various common resources. Green hydrogen, produced from solar or wind energy, has the important advantage of leaving no carbon (CO2) emissions. Rotterdam, a city with innovation ingrained in its DNA, is very much at the forefront of hydrogen developments.

Hydrogen is seen as a potential future replacement for fossil fuels in industry processes, or for heating homes and greenhouses. Used as a fuel it only emits water (vapor) and warm air. The benefits of hydrogen are plenty and it’s only logical that the world is looking to hydrogen as a key component for trying to solve the climate change adaptation puzzle. Rotterdam is fast developing into a leading European hotbed bringing together the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen.

Rotterdam Hydrogen Hub

It is in Rotterdam’s port and industrial clusters where local government, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, companies, innovative entrepreneurs and other partners come together to establish an international hub for the production, import, application and transport of hydrogen.

Why in Rotterdam?

The city, region and port of Rotterdam has many advantages making it perfectly suitable as a Hydrogen Hub. Rotterdam, the Gateway to Europe, is Europe’s largest and the world’s smartest port, with an extensive industrial network and infrastructure that connects to and services North West Europe. Traditional, fossil fuel based energy industry is currently still dominant in our urban region, but with the shift towards more sustainable energy, this holds important and exciting options and chances for the future. Also, Rotterdam is known for its passion for innovation. Here, old and the new economy go hand in hand, industry crossovers arise organically and many innovations are shared with, and applied all over the world.
Where better to make the switch to hydrogen and create a real impact? With all eyes on a sustainable future, Rotterdam is the perfect launching pad for new hydrogen developments.

Photos and illustrations on this page: Rotterdam Branding Toolkit, Port of Rotterdam, Danny Cornelissen, Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe, Air Products, Air Liquide, Stichting RHIA, Pixabay, Innovation Quarter.
Header photo: the hydrogen powered water taxi was launched in Rotterdam on August 31, 2022. Photo by Rotterdam Partners.

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