#SWINGALONG with Rotterdam in the run-up to Eurovision


To celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Rotterdam Partners, in collaboration with the municipality, presents ‘Rotterdam. #SWINGALONG’. This international campaign uses a catchy dance and its feel-good video clip to unite as many people as possible, digitally and safely. The Eurovision Song Contest fans worldwide can dance along in the city in an innovative way with the help of a 360-degree view and life-size projection on the World Port Building. Despite the (travel) restrictions, the whole world can dance along on social media and experience the city at the same time.

The campaign will run from 13 April to 6 June and will be shared on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.


The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam on 18, 20 and 22 May, in an adapted form. The celebration will be different this year: all the more reason to show that worldwide connection with the city is still possible. The #SWINGALONG video clip is how we do this. It shows well-known and unknown Rotterdammers doing a catchy dance at various Rotterdam locations. The Rotterdam metro, the Floating Farm and the circular breeding ground BlueCity are the backdrops for this video clip and give it a distinctive Rotterdam feel. The unique outfits and decor add the unmistakable Eurovision vibe.

The clip invites you to participate in the dance challenge and share your #SWINGALONG version via various social media networks. There is a special filter for Instagram and Facebook which makes it possible to dance at the Rotterdam locations in the video clip using a 360-degree view. The ‘dance virus’ will spread internationally and introduce people all over the world to the city of Rotterdam.

In the week surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest, a selection of people dancing will be projected life-size onto a Rotterdam location with an iconic view over the Maas: the World Port Centre. This projection will be streamed via the campaign website so that people all over the world can see themselves dancing ‘in’ Rotterdam, and in turn, can share this with others.

Lifelike avatar

The video clip features many Rotterdammers, but a prominent international Eurovision fan also managed to get a role in the campaign. The Rotterdam company REBLIKA created a lifelike avatar of William Lee Adams, known from the Eurovision Song Contest blog ‘Wiwibloggs,’ so that the London-based journalist and influencer could be a part of the #SWINGALONG video clip despite travel restrictions.

Rotterdam makers

Rotterdam Partners teamed up with HUNTED Agency, Zuiver Media and various Rotterdam makers for this campaign. The choreography is in the hands of Dalton Jansen and Luciano Hiwat, David Vunk & De Likt created the accompanying track and Vilain & Gai are responsible for the styling and set design in collaboration with Logocomo.

More information about the campaign can be found on www.swingalong.eu. You can download press images and useful campaign materials there.

Increase international visibility

Rotterdam Partners is using the large-scale international marketing campaign ‘Rotterdam. #SWINGALONG’ to create as much international visibility for the city as possible during the Eurovision Song Contest. For the conference and events industry, ESC 2021 will be presented as a showcase that shows how Rotterdam and the parties involved in the Eurovision Song Contest can adapt their plans to ever-changing circumstances. We will give the visitors who are allowed to come to the city for the ECS an unforgettable Rotterdam experience and turn them into Rotterdam ambassadors.

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