TWTG: innovative across all areas of technology


TWTG is a young innovative company specialising in smart embedded electronics, or in other words: the Internet of Things. The company was started 6 years ago by founders John Tillema and Dimer Schaefer under the name ‘Tweetonig’, a research and design agency that creates connected embedded hardware for corporate clients. Their mission then was ‘to create futureproof technology and enjoy what they do every single day’. Since its start TWTG has grown to a company with 25 employees and recently a third partner joined TWTG as CEO, Goran Gavric.

So how did you come up with your latest innovation; Light Energy?

“The idea originates from our client cases who are all starting with IoT pilots or bigger projects. Unfortunately a lot of our concepts / projects get killed by the business case, due to the costs of batteries – especially maintenance. That triggered us to invest in 1,5 years of internal research that eventually lead to our Light Energy technology. These OEM modules can be used to replace the battery all together. Why use batteries if you don’t have to anymore?”

What exactly is Light Energy about?

“It is specialised for smart embedded electronics (IoT), where we succeeded to eliminate batteries as a source of power for many products and applications within IoT / connected hardware. In our project work we’ve created everything from an open source health tracker to a connected boiler – and as said; our Light Energy module that removes batteries from the IoT equation altogether. We focus specifically on IoT (Internet of Things) devices, an incredible emerging market that consists of over 20 billion units in 2020. So removing the need for batteries in this market, is a massive win for both commercial appliances as from a durability point of view.”

What makes your product especially innovative, what is your unique selling point?

We are dead serious about Innovation. For us it means the use of cutting edge technology to solve business cases. We always think in scalable solutions and mass production – from the very first sketch – so we understand how different things work together: materials, design, user interaction, software, hardware, business models, user testing – and much more. The patented Light Energy modules generate energy from extreme low light situations. They start generating from “200 lux” light. That is around the amount that can be found inside, under your desk! And that is enough to power IoT devices, which is incredible engineering and cutting edge technology combined.”

Where do you see your company or yourself in the next few years; what are your ambitions?

“TWTG will continue its growth by keep on developing IoT hardware and researching its possibilities. Within 5 years we will increase our international business. For TWTG’s Light Energy we estimate to produce and sell 7,500,000 devices in the coming 5 years.”

You operate from Rotterdam. What’s your connection to the city?

“Both founders studied in Rotterdam, which is our first connection. For us Rotterdam greatly represents who we are: always working, less talking, building tomorrow’s future with the newest technology. Also, the working and living combination in Rotterdam is perfect for us. Our office in the city centre, with Rotterdam Central Station in walking distance really makes it all perfect.”

What, in your opinion, are the strengths of Rotterdam for innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses?

“A city can only give you the tools, but in the end you have to do it yourself. We are very grateful for a city that hands us all of these tools; a great working environment, great leisure opportunities, inspiring events and other cool companies as neighbours. An ecosystem in which an entrepreneur can build his company.”

Any tips for newbies planning to come to Rotterdam?

“Rotterdam is a city that shouldn’t and can’t be missed. Set-up shop here, you will not regret it. Meet people. Visit. I really believe that this makes all the difference when building a business or relations here. As for a ‘hot tip’ for after work: our team is a big fan of our downstairs neighbours: the Biergarten, a great place to unwind and brainstorm for new solutions.”

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