SES2021: 3rd round of allocating grants to companies with smart sustainable solutions


From 2 August to 1 October 2021, new candidates can register for the third round of allocating grants under the Smart Energy Systems 2021 programme. They can apply for up to €100,000 to rapidly make their innovative energy solutions commercially viable. Candidates can register for this round via

Rotterdam sets the bar high. We want to lead the way. A clean, reliable, and robust energy system is part of our long-term strategy. Our Smart Energy Systems programme (SES2021) is designed to make sure that energy becomes cleaner, smarter, and more efficient. It will also generate activity and employment in the Rotterdam area, allowing us to continue to develop as an innovative city and region. In addition to a grant, SES2021 will also give the selected companies access to a network of partners and knowledge.

With SES2021, the City of Rotterdam is offering businesses support of up to €100,000 for a feasibility study, experimental development, or a pilot of their smart plans in this area. A combination of experimental development and feasibility is also possible. The grant can also support Rotterdam companies to further develop their innovations and business cases with a view to a next round of funding aimed at scaling up or rolling out their innovations. The ideas most likely to receive financial support are those with a social impact and a strong relationship with Rotterdam, and which are scalable and financially well thought-out.

During the first two rounds, the City of Rotterdam selected twelve innovations. The City has now started with innovations in the city and port.

Check whether your initiative qualifies, find out the steps you have to take, and read more about what is meant by a smart energy innovation in this programme.

For more information about SES2021, check To submit a grant application (Dutch):

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