Rotterdam supports innovative sustainable companies with SES subsidies


The city of Rotterdam actively supports entrepreneurs and companies develop their innovative sustainable ideas. The SES programme (Sustainable Energy Solutions) provides subsidies to organisations and companies who can expedite the energy transition through innovation. The subsidy aims to help them with follow-up financing, network and business development and facilitating housing.

These new Rotterdam based projects and innovations have been granted SES funds in 2024:

  • FLASC: battery storage solutions at offshore wind farms. FLASC will use the SES subsidy to explore a pilot at Rotterdam location.
  • SchipWALwalSCHIP: integral energy management strategy that optimizes the energy flows of ships, shore power facilities and adjacent industry and activities.
  • Project Direct Supply of Electricity Blijstroom to SKAR: development of a new supply model for locally generated electricity (such as roofs with solar PV). The delivery model ensures price stability and a long-term income guarantee.
  • Enabling Perovskite PV (Kalpana Systems): commercially upscaling their innovation: Perovskite Solar cells with the ‘spatial Atomic Layer Deposition’ (sALD) method (using a machine to make wafer-thin cloths that serve as an insulation layer for flexible solar cells).
  • Smart Energy Pumping (Snijders): Smart Pumping System makes unloading tankers more efficient by optimizing pumps using an innovative control system.
  • Green SOCCS by DOT (Delft Offshore Turbine): the Green SOCCS innovation can drill very precisely and underground over long distances for the laying of cables (up to 30 km), making it possible to lay new cables through areas with existing cables and pipes with minimal above-ground excavations.

Alderman Chantal Zeegers (Climate, Building and Housing): “The municipality of Rotterdam facilitates innovation to accelerate the energy transition. We strive to be at the forefront of sustainable entrepreneurship in Rotterdam. With the Smart Energy Systems subsidy and the associated support, we now help 45 sustainable entrepreneurs. With this we strengthen Rotterdam’s position as an innovative hub and work locally on a future-proof economy.”

More info (Dutch) available here.

Header photo: Danny Cornelissen

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