Rotterdam participates in regional collaboration Borderless Landscape Data


The Borderless Data Landscape (in Dutch: Grenzeloos Datalandschap), a collaboration between the city of Rotterdam, the city of The Hague and the province of South-Holland, has started. In this partnership aforementioned parties share knowledge and skills in the field of data and technology. Their goal? South-Holland as a resilient, smart and liveable region that makes optimal use of data and technology. Other cities in the regions, but also companies and knowledge institutions, are invited to join this partnership.

Solving social and cross-border issues

The partnership focuses on the following topics: (1) citizen and business involvement, (2) sustainability and circularity, and (3) digitization and data. By building a network of municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions in the region, it is possible for participating parties to exchange data in a simpler and smarter way. This makes it possible to solve social and cross-border issues together.

Start Borderless Data Landscape

During the kick-off on the 1st of June, in the form of an online webinar, the collaboration officially started. Vice mayor Roos Vermeij (Economy and Small Localities) was present on behalf of Rotterdam. She took part in a panel discussion with administrators from The Hague and the Province of South Holland. During the conversation, they shared their views on the collaboration and the opportunities it offers.

Participate or stay informed

Borderless Data Landscape will soon work on developing solutions within our region. Is your organization interested in participating in the collaboration? Or do you want to stay informed of the latest developments? Send a message to

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