Rotterdam to host global gaming convention TwitchCon 2024-2026


Rotterdam will host global gaming convention TwitchCon in 2024, 2025 and 2026. This was announced today by Twitch, the global interactive livestreaming service for gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. This year TwitchCon will take place 29-30 June at Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre. TwitchCon will bring gaming enthusiasts from all over the world to Rotterdam who will be immersing themselves in the event and in Rotterdam’s bustling and creative urban scene.

TwitchCon is an annual (previously biannual) event focusing on the culture of livestreaming and video gaming. The event brings together industry professionals, streamers and fans from across the world and allows community members to meet streamers, discover new products, and trial new games. Every year TwitchCon is held in two separate locations, one in North-America and one in Europe.

Perfect fit

TwitchCon is a perfect fit for the city of Rotterdam, the most modern and unconventional city in the Netherlands, known for its bustling creative scene, unpolished charm and passion for innovation and experimentation. Rotterdam’s strong creative industry is reflected in its renowned and innovative architecture and urban development, its challenging art and culture and its fast evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rotterdam’s dedication to fostering technological innovation is evident in its support for local game developers and startups, contributing to the thriving gaming ecosystem. The city’s diverse make-up, its inclusivity and communal spirit resonate with Twitch‘s global community ethos, where diverse individuals unite digitally based on shared interests. The varied nationalities in Rotterdam align seamlessly with Twitch’s worldwide reach, emphasizing the universal appeal of both the city and the platform. Rotterdam and Twitch share a commitment to inclusivity and unity, whether in a physical neighborhood or a virtual channel, highlighting the interconnectedness that defines the essence of community in both realms.

Rotterdam: serious about gaming

Rotterdam is ‘serious about gaming’ and boasts several prominent international game and design studios, creative start-ups and scale-ups and an abundance of talent. The local ecosystem holds exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, jobs and events. Over the past years Rotterdam has been fast developing into a (e-)gaming and e-sports hub. In 2022 and 2023 the city successfully organised Rotterdam Gaming Connect, the gaming lifestyle event in the Netherlands, bringing together hundreds of participants for an event about gaming, gamification and esports.

Relevance of international conferences and events

Hosting large international conference and events is an important contributing factor in the continued sustainable development of Rotterdam, as they bring international experts, entrepreneurs, policy makers and talents to the city, who connect with the local ecosystem, sharing knowledge, expertise and insights on relevant themes and topics. Conferences and business events are also important for local business, venues, hotels, restaurants and attractions as delegates often spend several days in the city.

TwitchCon Facts & Figures

TwitchCon history

  • Biggest moment of the year for the world of livestreaming with over 14,000 attendees at previous events;
  • First ever TwitchCon was hosted in 2015 in San Francisco, setting the blueprint for the cultural phenomenon TwitchCon would later become;
  • TwitchCon first arrived in Europe in 2019, hosted in Berlin;
  • In July 2022, TwitchCon arrived in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the first time, with 14.5k members of the Twitch community coming together in-person;
  • In 2023 TwitchCon was organised in Las Vegas and Paris.

Latest data

  • The Twitch site averages at more than 35 million daily visitors;
  • Over 2.5 million people tune in to Twitch at any given moment;
  •  The Twitch community is composed primarily of Gen Z and Millennials, and nearly 70% of Twitch viewers are between the ages of 18 and 34;
  • Each month, nearly 7M streamers go live on Twitch, broadcasting content in 35 languages worldwide.


For more information please visit the special TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024 webpage.


(c) Photos in header and photo slider: David Rozing. Other contributors: Rotterdam Ahoy, Pascal Striebel, Iris van den Broek, Guido Pijper, Fred Smulders.

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