Rotterdam has been selected as the host city for the Mobility City Campus


The city of Rotterdam has been selected as the host city for The Mobility City Campus. Mobility City Campus is an ambitious project with a global impact and a truly pioneering ideology. The goal is to bring together into one single location all of the stakeholders of the mobility (transportation) ecosystem, which will go to produce and showcase some of the most cutting-edge innovation that will shape the way people and cargo move for the next decades to come. Finnish investment business Avanto Ventures and the city of Rotterdam formalised their collaboration Friday May 10th during the leading innovation congress The Next Web in Amsterdam.

The Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners will assist Avanto Ventures in developing the campus. “The Mobility City Campus is a global concept that brings together all of the major players in the field of mobility. The aim is to experiment, inspire, create, experience and market new mobility concepts on land, at sea and in the air. Bringing all of the relevant European players together in one physical location and having them work together with the local innovative ecosystem will result in a world-class mobility ecosystem. The concept also focuses on testing, experiencing and sharing. And this allows Rotterdam residents to become familiar with innovations, which should speed up the adaptation process during use,’ says Vice Mayor Barbara Kathmann (Economy), applauding the arrival of the Mobility City Campus.

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