Rotterdam Expat Centre opens registration procedure for expats who will live in Schiedam


As of March 7, expats and their families who plan to live in Schiedam can register for that municipality at the Rotterdam Expat Centre. Schiedam is the first city other than Rotterdam to join the one-stop shop services of the Rotterdam Expat Centre. The agreement was signed by representatives of the municipalities of Rotterdam and Schiedam today.

The municipalities of Rotterdam and Schiedam recently formalised this collaboration, which will expand the services and outreach of the Rotterdam Expat Centre in the greater Rotterdam region and make the registration procedure for expats in Schiedam easier.

Especially for the registration of ‘Schiedam expats’ the Rotterdam Expat Centre has reserved Monday afternoons. Expats can book their appointments online via the Rotterdam Expat Centre website, which offers a wide range of information and services (in English) for all expats coming to the Rotterdam region.

Setting up a business or working for a company abroad comes with many challenges on a variety of issues. Trying to find the answers and solutions can take a lot of time, effort and stamina. Rotterdam Expat Centre is the specialized one stop shop for international businesses and expats who are looking for services and information about working and living in Rotterdam.

Check the Rotterdam Expat Centre website for all the latest information and read a (Dutch) news release is available on the website of the City of Schiedam:


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